EEXI Compliance

During MEPC 76 held during 10-17 June 2021, the IMO has adopted mandatory goal based technical measure, EEXI, for reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping. With the adoption, commercial ships over 400 GRT and making international voyages are to comply with the EEXI regulation that enter into force from 1st January 2023. Ships need to calculate the required EEXI according to the guidelines of IMO, and the attained EEXI has to be below the required EEXI to continue their operations. Applicable ships have to show EEXI compliance by the first IAPP annual, intermediate or renewal survey whichever is the first, on or after 1 January 2023. The vessels that are not in compliance with the EEXI requirements would either go for an engine power limitation (EPL), or shaft power limitation (ShaPoLi), or install energy efficiency technologies (EETs) to comply with the regulations.

What Aries offer
  • EEXI calculations as per IMO guidelines
  • Preparation of EEXI compliance strategy
  • Preparation of EEXI Technical File