CII Compliance and SEEMP

At MEPC 77, the IMO had adopted goal based operational measure, CII, to reduce the carbon emissions from international shipping. The adoption of CII regulations means that commercial ships over 5000 GRT and making international voyages are to comply with the CII regulations from 2023. In 2023, ship operators will have to calculate and submit the attained CII and CII rating of its ships along with its IMO DCS fuel oil data. The CII documentation should be updated in the SEEMP of the vessel. The supporting documents for CII compliance need to be prepared by the vessel operator, and survey and certification done by a verifier, who is an administration or organization duly authorized by it, who conducts the survey and certification of the CII in accordance with the guidelines issued by IMO.

What Aries offer
  • CII calculations as per IMO guidelines
  • Preparation of CII compliance strategy
  • Preparation of SEEMP for regulatory approval